Flickering black to white, I dwell in a widdendream of stark opportunity. Lost in a sea supreme of suppositions I never quite fulfill; I walk a razor's edge in this surreality, leaving bloody footprints in my wake.

This winding dream slices through my vernacular leaving my tongue bleeding. A widening dreamscape painted for posterity;
showcasing a syntax of sharpened widdendreams.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Battle for Columbia 2010

We recently went to a Civil War reenactment outside of Columbia, called battleforcolumbia.com - it was great! I actually went with Hudson on the Friday before the battle, on a field trip with his Eagles group, and we decided to take the family and my mom on the next day to actually see the battle. I believe they said it was a reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek. The top image is one I took on Friday when they shot the cannon.

These are some of the reenactors that were part of the cavalry on the confederate side (I'm pretty sure). I love the bw treatment I gave to it, I could just about swear that this was taken a really long time ago! The photo below was taken during the battle, of the confederate cannons shooting out towards the union infantry.

And this is one of my favorites from the battle, this lone rider on the field with the gunsmoke behind him... just liked it much better in color than bw for this one.