Flickering black to white, I dwell in a widdendream of stark opportunity. Lost in a sea supreme of suppositions I never quite fulfill; I walk a razor's edge in this surreality, leaving bloody footprints in my wake.

This winding dream slices through my vernacular leaving my tongue bleeding. A widening dreamscape painted for posterity;
showcasing a syntax of sharpened widdendreams.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

30 Blog Challenge: Blog #1

Me on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad on Oct 12, 2013

Here's ten facts you may or may not know about me: 

1. I've been inside the middle pyramid on the Giza Plateau. It was very claustrophobic and there was really nothing to see but a big room once I got in the middle but it was still an awesome experience.

2. I once climbed under a fence in Cyprus just to have my picture taken with a rock. Well in other terms, the rock was a pillar that St. Paul supposedly was tied to and whipped while on his visit to Cyprus as is written about in the New Testament.

3. I was once detained as a terrorist by the Israeli's. I was trying to get on a cruise ship in Cyprus and had a borrowed suitcase as well as was traveling alone. They said I looked like a terrorist. They questioned me for a long time, searched me, tore my suitcase apart and the beeper still kept beeping. It turned out it was the gold page of my wordless book in my suitcase that kept setting it off. by the time I got into the ship, I was disheveled and in tears. They took a photo of me as I entered and I wish to this day I'd bought it to go with the story, but at the time I was too upset to get it.

4. While in Bethlehem, a man followed me onto the tour bus begging me to marry him. The bus driver had to make him get off. That was a weird experience, they wanted a ticket to America I suppose.

5. I parasailed in the Mediterranean Sea.

6. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, though I have gone through counseling and especially DBT (dialectical behaviour training) which has helped me a lot. One of the main things about BPD is feeling empty, worthless. I still struggle with this.

7. I have gotten 3 of my photos chosen to appear on Jones Soda bottle labels. They were "Boxy Boys" which is a picture of my boys in a box. A picture of a dulcimer being played. And a picture of the castle in Germany that we explored.

8. I once ate a pickled walnut whole, shell and all. I was visiting a family in Cyprus that only spoke Greek and they handed me this black thing on a fork with a glass of water and I just ate it to not be rude. It was only later when I got back to my home that I was told I'd eaten a whole walnut.

9. I have been in the Cairo Museum in Egypt where all of King Tut's belongings are kept. I have pictures of tons of his stuff, all covered in gold. I had to pay a couple dollars to take pictures, and I was searched twice while in the museum. It was not air conditioned. It was an amazing place.

10. I hate smoking. Absolutely abhor it. It makes me sick, migraines and such and I can't even go see bands most of the time because of the smoke in the clubs. I support no smoking in public places! It's the best thing ever! I have had my grandmother die of lung cancer from smoking. I saw her on oxygen and it broke my heart. I just don't understand it's thrill. It stinks, makes YOU stink, makes your teeth yellow and gives you wrinkles. So what if you're skinny? You look 10+ years older than you are.

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