Flickering black to white, I dwell in a widdendream of stark opportunity. Lost in a sea supreme of suppositions I never quite fulfill; I walk a razor's edge in this surreality, leaving bloody footprints in my wake.

This winding dream slices through my vernacular leaving my tongue bleeding. A widening dreamscape painted for posterity;
showcasing a syntax of sharpened widdendreams.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reoccuring Dreams

I've been having some dreams lately so when I saw an article about what dreams mean, I was really interested. Here's what I learned. These two dreams are dreams that I have often - at least once a week.

1. This dream I always have consists of somehow losing my teeth. I bite into something and my teeth begin to fall out. I try and put them back in but they won't stay. It is frightening and I wake up very disturbed for a long time.

I know that growing up I was very particular about my teeth, even carrying a toothbrush around with me in my purse. I like nice teeth, and I worry about mine not being white enough, nice enough, straight enough...etc..

What the dream means: "You're likely worried about losing something, such as a job, relationship or even a personality trait (e.g., you take pride in your confidence but let your new boyfriend walk all over you). "Something like teeth are physically connected to you, so whatever they embody is of vital importance to your identity," Kramer explains. If you dream someone close to you or someone famous dies -- say, Marilyn Monroe -- think about what she represents for you, suggests Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., author of "The Universal Dream Key" (HarperOne). If you've always admired Monroe for her beauty, you could be anxious about losing yours with age. If your fears are warranted, talk to friends about how they handled a breakup or other loss. Having confidence you can cope will help you sleep better no matter what happens."

(interpretation from SELF)

2. I'm at school and I've lost my class list. I wander around the school trying to find someone to give me a new list so I know what classes I have. I end up late to a class and I feel very unorganized. I'm not ready for anything going on in the class.

What the dream means: "Dreaming about something you've already accomplished (i.e., graduating from high school) can mean you're scared to make mistakes in an area where you usually succeed. "Perfectionist people tend to have these sorts of dreams," says Kramer. One explanation is that you may be tying your self-worth too tightly to how you perform at work. If you usually spend hours fretting over an upcoming event or presentation, give yourself a set time to prepare and then force yourself to put it out of your head. "The outcome doesn't change by agonizing over it," assures Nezu."

(Interpretation from SELF)

Anyone else have reoccuring dreams like I do? Do you know what they might mean? If you post them I'll do some research to see if I can find what they mean.

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